December 12, 2018

Brianne & Bradley Wik | Ladies Pavilion Intimate Wedding | Central Park, New York


August 11th, 2018

This story is a little different from most of the ones that I have told in the past. Brianne and I actually have an amazing story for when the two of us first met. It was last November, in Raleigh, NC at a little conference called the Creative at Heart Conference. I saw her across the room, immediately putting two and two together, and realized who she was! I had been following her journey on Instagram for a pretty good amount of time, and it was so amazing to see a friendly face in a crowd of complete strangers! I walked over, attempting to introduce myself politely, since we had never had any face to face interaction, just social media. Brianne immediately recognized me, and I felt a complete sense of calm and friendliness. I loved her personality, her kindness, and man, her style too! Fast forward to almost a year later and I get an email from Brianne, asking me to be the photographer at her New York, intimate wedding with her closest family and friends “the right way.” I was honored, and still am, to have been chosen out of millions of other photographers, to be the one to capture the wedding day of Brianne & Bradley.

Their wedding day did not go exactly as planned. Of course, even after traveling to New York from Oregon, it still managed to rain on their wedding day! We started the morning with hair and makeup, pushed the wedding back an hour from the original start time, and still had the MOST beautiful and AMAZING day together. Their first look was so personal, filled with laughter, tears, and sweet words to each other. Their ceremony was even more perfect as Bradley, a professional musician, managed to find someone to bring him a guitar (I still don’t know how he did this) so that he could surprise Brianne with a serenade along with his vows. I’ll be the first to admit, I was an emotional mess during this song, and honestly, so was Brianne! I have never experienced something so beautiful and special between a couple, and the rest of their day was just as amazing as this!

We left the Ladies Pavilion, where their ceremony was held, and explored Central Park for their portraits together. Lunch, with all of their family, was held at the Boathouse, and then we all departed for the Museum of Modern Art. Brianne had one idea for this time of the day, to have photographs taken of them together, in front of one of Monet’s pieces of beautiful art. Here, I will interject, is where our relationship as client-photographer is most special to me. My personal style, and what pushes my editing is actually the art of Monet. I love the way he uses colors, blurs his portraits, and uses his impressionism to convey the emotion in his paintings. Guys, this was the most perfect day, with the most perfect couple, and I KNOW we will remain friends for life.

Congratulations to Brianne & Bradley Wik, you are so amazing!

The Vendors:
Photography – Casie Marie Photography | Venue – Ladies Pavilion, New York, Central Park | Hair & Makeup – Jenna Wren | Brides Hairpiece – Saras Boutique | Florist – Bride! | Brides Shoes – Bella Belle | Bridal Gown – Theia Couture | Bridal Boutique – Ania Bridal | Favors – Happy Tines | Grooms Suit – Cocoon Silks NW | Grooms Shoes – Frye Boots | Lunch – Central Park Loeb Boathouse | Dinner – DaNico Ristorante | Silk Ribbons – Silk and Linen DE | Brides Reception Shoes – TOMS | Vow Books – Blush Printables

Congratulations to two of my most favorite people! – C