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"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed."

My name is Casie Marie and I am the gal behind the camera here at Casie Marie Photography! I am based in both Central Florida and North Carolina, but up for adventure ANYWHERE! It's pretty crazy, but, every single time I sit down and think about writing a biography about myself, I just sit here for 20 minutes trying to decide how I can truly express myself, and my true personality, to each and every one of you.
To be honest, I am a pretty simple person. BUT I am SO complex all at the same time.
I am outspoken, I am bossy, I am OCD, but man I LOVE my freaking job!

A little history for you:
I went to UCF and graduated in 2015 with my Bachelors degree in Choral Music Education. I had every intention of becoming a High School Choir teacher, but the powers that be had better plans for me. I had been photographing my friends since 2010, and decided (along with a little pep talk from my teacher) that becoming a professional photographer was going to be the next step for me... and I went all in!

I have officially been a full time photographer since 2017, and have had the pleasure of being the photographer at over 150 weddings so far! I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else, and I freaking LOVE my job! I am able to share in the most amazingly beautiful weddings, capture the most precious memories, and "get down" on the dance floor with couples who have truly become some of my best friends through this entire process together. I am LOVING this life I have, and I would be HONORED to be your wedding photographer on YOUR big day!

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About Casie Marie


Get ready to meet the amazing people that I have the pleasure of working with on your biggest day! 
The first is Chantell, who is my "permanent" second photographer! If you hire me, you are also (most likely) hiring this girl too, she is a professional wedding photographer with her own wedding biz as well, and she is freaking fantastic!

The Team

Meet Chantell »


She's awesome, and that is all I can say!
For real though, this girl is my right hand ma'am.
She is a PHENOMENAL photographer, just as OCD as I am, great with keeping my crazy in check, and the one who will be hanging out with the groomsmen before the ceremony (or the first look). She is someone who I can 100% trust to capture all those little moments that happen in the background on your day, and the second angles when we are teaming up for portraits!
Chantell is also a full time professional wedding photographer for her own business, so, she may be booked but if not, she is there for your big day!


Meet Logan »


My freaking amazing assistant (and my man),
who is also a full time First Responder!
When available he is an amazing addition to the wedding team; taking photos, grabbing any necessary equipment, holding the umbrella, or just being an all around MVP on wedding day!
If he's not working, and your collection includes an assistant, you can bet you'll see him there!


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