May 18, 2017

Ballerina Bride | Casie Marie Photography | Orlando Wedding Photographer

Ballerina Bride Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes, it is important for a photographer to go back and reflect on work that we have not seen in years. This Ballerina Bride Wedding Inspiration shoot was circa early 2015 for me. The shoot took place in Jacksonville, Florida from the planning of Amber Nicole Portrait and Loba Design Co. I was instantly interested in what they had in store and drove up from Orlando to participate in this shoot. The ballerina that we had was a student at Jacksonville University for Dance studies. Amber had made this shoot with the intention of seeing what her future wedding colors would look like on film. The colors were breathtaking, the planning was phenomenal, and our models were out of this world. The groom happened to be an Acro Yoga enthusiast and we got some of the most epic shots with the help of our models. I look back on this shoot with wonder, I barely knew what I was doing back then. I had only shot a handful of weddings, and this shoot was probably the turning point for my photographic career.

To this day, some of my favorite shots are photos of people not paying attention. The unknowing glances, the things that others may miss. This next shot is of Ashton, our model, preparing for the ballet portion of this shoot. She had no idea I was taking photos of her, and I will always love shots like this!

Ballerina Brideerina