April 4, 2017

Zion Canyon Overlook at Sunset | Tyler Rye Workshop | Casie Marie Photography

Reminiscing. That is a word that fills my body today as I am looking back on the time that I spent in Zion National Park at the Tyler Rye Workshop in April of 2016. I am constantly wanting to go back to that spot and watch the sun set and photograph another beautiful bride and groom on this cliff. You may think that we are crazy for climbing so many feet in to the air and letting this breeze flow past us as our lives hang in the balance on this cliff, but I would not trade that experience that I had for anything else in this world. Please, take me back. Let me relive this experience again and enjoy the weather and sights that I saw while I was there. Our models, Brit & Chase, were two of the bravest people that I know to date. Their ability to let their fears go and stand on the edge was unbelievable. We left Canyon Overlook at Sunset. The sun followed us back down that mountain and I remember the feeling of knowing safety is just a word. You can feel safe, and know you are safe with the people around you. When we finally reached the end of the trail it was dark. The sun completely gone behind those mountains, we had a dance party. It was amazing, and I will never forget the experience and friends that I made those days. I will go back. One Day.