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Second Shooting, Weddings

September 29, 2016

K & P | Little Mermaid Inspired Wedding | Destination Wedding La Jolla, California

Once upon a time, I traveled to La Jolla, California under McKenzie Stewart Weddings to help her shoot this amazing Little Mermaid themed wedding on the coast! The entire day was flawless from start to finish, and K & P were the sweetest, most amazing couple to capture. K has the most beautiful  details for her reception and it was definitely a joy to capture all of these precious moments for them. I love being able to travel all over the United States and capture these memories for our clients. La Jolla was not a disappointment at all, and I will forever remember the perfect weather and cool seaside breeze that kept us nice and comfortable. I loved the palm trees and the cliffs pointing out towards the Pacific. I will always truly be humbled by my travels and the sights I get to see. Thank you so much McKenzie for taking me with you!

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