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June 15, 2016

Zion National Park Sunrise Elopement | Tyler Rye Zion Workshop

On April 18th, 2016 I began one of the best and most exhilarating weeks of my life. This is the first of a set of posts I will share with you from my week in Zion National Park at the Tyler Rye Zion Workshop. I do not regret a single moment from that crazy week. I met the most interesting people and got to make some lasting friendships along the way! I have always wanted to attend a photography workshop and when I saw Tyler’s ad on Facebook I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I spent weeks trying to convince myself that I needed to do it, to get out there, to learn from someone else, and to get on a plane and do something with my life! I asked my parents for their opinion and, to my surprise, they were 100% for it!

So, on the 18th I got up and jumped in a car with two complete strangers to travel for three hours to Zion National Park from the Vegas airport! HAHA, ok, well they weren’t COMPLETE strangers, we spoke on Facebook for weeks before the trip. Kelley and Lynn were definitely two amazing people. Lynn and I are actually from two towns so close together (Lady Lake for me and Ocala for her) that it is surprising we hadn’t met until this trip! We had to travel across the country to actually meet each other for the first time! Kelley was from North Carolina and I realized that I had been following her work for some time! I loved being able to speak with them and get to know these two ladies heart to heart.




Our first day in the park was unbelievable. It was actually freezing too! This Florida girl was NOT prepared for the freezing morning temperatures of Zion National Park. I felt awful for Brit, in that beautiful wedding gown, with sandals on, in 50 degree temperatures. It was beautiful though. We got up on a cliff for the first set and learned some awesome new techniques from Tyler. He was so helpful and really helped to create some beautiful imagery. We then slid down into the ravine for the second set. Of course, I had to slip and slide a good 5 feet down the cliff and into the canyon. No worries, I am fine, my ego is bruised to this day but it was definitely a good story for later. This set of photos was nothing but stunning in my own opinion. The light, the air, the beauty of the models (and the scenery) were amazing. I wouldn’t trade this trip for the world.



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