| 1:1 Photographer Mentoring Sessions |

Have you been wanting to jump start your new photography business, but feel unsure of how to make it in a heavily saturated market? Have you been looking for a friendly person to help your business thrive, or even just get off the ground? If you are looking for someone to help you create a brand and business that can support you, and also someone to share your struggles with, I am your girl! I am so happy to announce my 2019 1:1 Photography Mentoring Sessions! This year my goal is to truly help others get their business started, or out of a rut! I want to be your cheerleader. I want to be your shoulder to lean on. I want to help you grow and become successful in this crazy photography world! I am ready to share with you my secrets, and answer any of your questions, large or small!


This year I will be offering limited mentoring sessions to those who truly are looking to up their game and push their businesses forward. There will be two types of sessions, either Online or in person. You will be able to ask all the questions your heart desires, and get the answers that you may be looking for. For those interested in Online Mentoring, we will go over everything that you are truly looking to get help with in your business. There will be no hands on experience with these sessions, but I am happy to sit an talk with you about anything and everything photography business related! For those interested in the In-Person Mentoring we will be together for a few hours, covering a real hands on shoot, get yourself some updated head-shots, go over all of your really important questions, and even get into the nitty gritty of business and branding! I cannot wait to work with each of you!!

| What's Included |

- Online Mentoring -

90 Minutes

FaceTime or Google Chat Meeting

Unlimited Q&A

Personalized Work Packet

Branding, Website, Social Media

Session Workflows

Client Management Systems

- In-Person Mentoring -

1.2 Day (5 Hours)

Updated Headshots

Unlimited Q & A

Personalized Work Packet

Branding, Website, Social Media

Session Workflows

Client Management Systems

Finding Your Niche

Branding Your Business

*Full Hands on Shoot*



| About Casie |

I began my photography journey just like YOU! I purchased my first DSLR while still a senior in high school, and made a habit out of photographing my friends and family whenever I could. I went to UCF for Music Education, and quickly realized that I had bigger dreams. Those dreams drove me to become the professional, full-time, wedding and portrait photographer that I am today. Believe me, I am ready to help you get your hands dirty, and make your business dreams become a reality!

| Fun Facts |

- 1. -

I photographed my first wedding in May of 2016. I am so thankful for the couples that trusted me during my first year of weddings, and I could not be more grateful for where they have pushed me to go!

- 2. -

I am OCD, Not medically diagnosed, but you will hear me, and see me, being meticulous about details and where things are placed. Sometimes this is something to be really happy about, and other times it drives me crazy!

- 3. -

I went to school for music education. I love having a background in education and being able to share my knowledge easily with others who want to learn! I have been taught how to teach, and I am excited to be your teacher!


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