Couples, Engaged

July 27, 2016

Savanna & Aaron | Engaged

CMP-27I want to begin by saying that I am a bit partial to this couple because, well, they are family to me.
I have known Aaron for the past 11, or so, years of my life. I have watched him fall, seen him struggle, and see him pick himself up and keep going, over and over again. He is a strong and inspiring young man. I consider him to be my brother and know that he has met the most amazing girl to share his life with! Savanna and Aaron have been through a lot. They met through Chase, Aaron’s brother, and created this amazing relationship. They have two amazing little baby boys and I have loved seeing them grow and watching these two be some pretty awesome parents as well.

When I found out that these two were engaged my heart fluttered! I was so excited to see Aaron so happy and I couldn’t imagine him with anyone else. Savanna is the light of his life (apart from those boys!) and they are truly in love with each other. Their engagement was no surprise but I couldn’t have been happier!
Thank you for trusting me to capture your engagement. I love being able to share these special moments with you, and I cannot wait to be there on your wedding day!